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LinYue Wang

Founder. Teacher. Learner. 

Dear Students and Parents,

My name is Lin and I am a native Chinese who has spent half of my life growing up in China, and the other half living and studying in the US where I received a Bachelors degree from St. John's University. I was born in one of the oldest cities in China, Xi'an, which is also known for its Terracotta Army. Growing up in China, I was always fascinated by the rich culture that surrounded me. After moving to the US, I went through a tough time learning English as my second language, so I understand how frustrating learning a new language can be. As the years passed by, I started to gradually understand more about the differences between American culture and Chinese culture. I started TalkOrange because of how many people wanted to learn both Mandarin and China’s culture. I believe that by learning to speak Mandarin, it is not merely conversations you'll be holding, but true communications.

Today, Mandarin is the official language of China and the most widely-spoken language in the world. Learn to speak Mandarin and you will be able to connect with millions of people around the GLOBE.


Talk Orange provides outstanding Mandarin instruction. My family has worked with Lin for over a year and she is a terrific teacher, as well as, a wonderful person. Could not recommend more highly!
— Rachel L. from Old Greenwich
Lin is a superb teacher. She is very organized and makes the lessons interesting for my 16 year old son. I can already see progress as he gains confidence speaking in Mandarin. I highly recommend TalkOrange!
— Karen R. from Rowayton
I found Lin online to teach Mandarin to our 6 year-old son. After several months of lessons, Harrison is loving his classes. I attribute his enthusiasm for learning Chinese to his teacher, Katy, who brings a real passion to her work. Harrison looks forward to seeing Katy twice a week, and we are thrilled with his progress.
— Ann G. from Chappaqua
My two children started learning Chinese from Lin recently and I have seen great progress so far. Lin is patient with kids and always comes prepared. My kids like Lin and don’t dread going to their Chinese class.
— Melanie M. from Rye Brook
Lin makes learning fun and interactive and has identified the best way to engage my children. She always prepares activities and materials in advance of the lessons and sets the children homework to complete each week. I’m very happy that we have found her!
— Alison M.
Lin is amazing. She is professional and talented and demonstrates total dedication to the process. From understanding her client’s needs to customizing sessions to match their capabilities - she is quite impressive. Spot on punctual and always follows up on next sessions. I highly recommend her!
— Ed D. from Stamford
The innovative activities and knowledgable, yet patient, teaching definitely helped my daughter improve her Mandarin. She also loved the app-based homework assignments that were available.
— Mary J. from Westport
Lin is an outstanding teacher. I’ve studied at the advanced level in the best Chinese language programs in the world, and I say with great confidence that Lin’s teaching ability is of the highest caliber. She’s passionate, engaging, fun, and takes her work very seriously. Highly recommended.
— Thor F. from Stamford
Lin is outstanding as a tutor. She engages the kids, has a great accent and motivates the kids to do the homework. As well brings in light ipad flash cards to keep the kids engaged to do work if using an ipad. But she will speak to the kids in mandarin from the moment she is in the house which makes the kids speak mandarin back or at least hear her and be thinking in Mandarin. She is excellent.
— Erika S. from New Canaan